About Tutoring Services

A little bit of a preface about my tutoring services.

My name is Miles Thatch and I teach programming to kids. I can say that I'm pretty successful at it, considering that today I have students who have been with me for nearly 3 years now, and who are comprehensively coding the sort of features I'd die of jealousy to be able to do if I was their age. I have a knack with kids. I believe I've inherited an approachable nature from my Mother, who to this date has amassed decades of Infant, Kindergarten and Preschool teaching experience. Heck, I was practically raised in a home day care center as it has been our family business in Canada for nearly two decades now, and I think that gave me an edge with younglings.

I started experimenting with Game Development back in grade 10 of High School, and having experienced the struggle of making games without any coding skills, I had to face a tough reality - if I want to build any of the projects I wanted to, I had to learn programming. And not only that, I would have to teach it to myself with only online resources and help from the forums.

After years of prototyping and experimenting, I had fully committed to the craft when I was in college for a Concept Art program at Max the Mutt. I had a vested interest in learning coding as it was key to realizing my projects, and this is why I've spend several years learning Programming in the scope of Game Development, in order to make realizing my projects a possibilty. Then I saw a lot of potential in web based applications with and the sort of features they could bring to my game development prototypes. This had led me to take on a Web Development course, where I had learned front end and Backend development. Later on I had worked out mobile and application dev, as a part of a my side interest in building small specialized apps to automate daily mundane tasks. An couple if examples of which were: an emailing client which had notified subscribers of new content available on our website; and an app for uploading progress reports and screenshots to social media platforms automatically.

Programming has improved my range of abilities in the most surprising facets of my life, and I believe that nowadays, it is as much of a necessary skill, as is reading, writing and mathematics.