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Web Design
Game Development
Mobile App Development
Embedded / Robotics
Graphic Design
Web Design
The Web Design Course covers:

 HTML  CSS  Javascript
 Python for Web  PHP  JSON  MySQL
 jQuery  jQuery UI  jQuery Mobile  Bootstrap
 Web Servers  Client / Server Communications  API Calls

Take advantage of one of our the most popular programs in programming - an entry web development, which touches on both website and web application development.
Web development studies are an all around versatile solution for tackling problems in a creative and pragmatic and scalable manner. Web Development can lead into a variety of advances paths, from web software, to web app solutions, traditional webside design and server side programming. Master the mobile compatibility, website logic, website design as well as server side login

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Game Development / Programming
The Web Design Course covers:

 2D Games  3D Games  VR Games
 PC / Mac Games  Console Games  Web Games  Mobile Games
 C++  C#  Python  Basic  GML
 Graphics Development  2D Art & Animation  Game Design Theory
 3D Modeling, Rigging & 3D Animation  Color & Composition
 Game / Web Communications

Game development is a fantastic way of tapping into your child undiscovered aptitude for programming by wrapping the basics of coding around a subject which every child enjoys - video games. This is one of the most broad subjects out there, tapping into topics like graphic design and composition, coding, web integration, 2D and 3D modeling / animation, etc. This course teaches students how to become self sufficient in solving problems, applying programming knowledge to tackle mechanics challenges in a creative way.

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Mobile App Development
The App Design Course covers:

 App Development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
 HTML  CSS  Javascript for mobile
 jQuery Mobile  jQuery UI

This course will teach kids how to create tools for solving problems, bridging the worlds of mobile and desktop computing for seamless cross compatible application workflow. App development covers the subject of multi-platform development of mobile applications. HTML, CSS and Javascript can be used to solve just about any problem, from creating engaging and interactive presentations at school to keeping score, scheduling, controlling hardware and developing custom tools for solving solve every day problems. This can be a universally broad subject with many practical applications.

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Embedded Systems / Robotics
The Web Design Course covers:

 AVR MCUs  STM MCUs  Raspberry Pi Boards
 Shields  Standalone Components  Digital & Analogue Components
 C++  C  Python for Embedded Systems
 Serial Communications  Webserver Communications  i2C
 Programmers and Debuggers  Read/Write components  Basics of Electronics
 Robotics  Input and Output Devices
 LED lights, LED matrices & Displays
 Physical Integration with Game Development

Embedded systems are in everything you own: starting from your phones, watches, fridges and garage doors to cars, hardware and industrial machinery. This subject bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. From robotics and automation to designing IoT (Internet of Things) devices and special application tools that tackle unconventional problems. This can be an extremely fulfilling subject as the students get to create physical tools for solving just about any problem.