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Over the course of my lifetime I have written and protyped a variety of projects. These are the ones which, to my own judgement, have stood the test of time. This is a roadmap of projects I would like to focus on for the foreseeable future. -Miles
Primary 3D projects:
Child of Aether
A dark and spooky 2D/3D adventure.

Piece together the mystery behind the dreary and miserable world in which the protagonists suddenly finds himself. Taking on survival and mix of strategic and action card based combat in a small inky comic style open world.
A first person mystery horror adventure.

A far distopian future Space Opera following you, a deathrow convict, and your captor, an Imperial Army servant. A deathbound conflict that managed to tangle the entire human existence on the knive's edge of exinction.
Owl Man
A 3rd person beat-em-up, inspired by Batman Arkham Series.

A superhero flick following a detective mystery of one lone man, obligated to rid the city of a collosal organized crime threat.
Sonnette of Toby Graves
A 3rd person Detective Noir action shooter, in narrative style of Max Payne.

A story of a young man's journey into the world of police and crime. Destined by fate to drift apart from the few friends he regarded as family and unable to derail from a trail of misfortune, conflict and suffering.
A Dead Space / Resident Evil inspired 3rd person shooter.

following a team of experts and mercenaries attemtping to neutralize a long forgotten threat, suddenly re-awakenned at the bottom of the Arctic ocean.
Secondary 3D projects:
Dread Tale Escape
A short first person survival horror game. Survive the night in the middle of swampy marshes while uncovering a story of a long lost military installation. Explore the strange locations and use any scavenged resources to craft tools and apply strategic defence placement to fend off a variety of distorted creaturs. The land is strange and filled with things that don't belong and ther's nothing left but to try and make sense of it.
A fallout inspired, dystopian, atompunk FPS.

The post-apocalyptic, retrofuturistic wasteland awaits. Rise from the ashes of the Nuclear devastated, capitalism gutted America only to find the lingering ghost of capitalism still haunting the wasteland and it's people.
A small first person horror adventure.

A young man suffering from a neurological illness, revisits his childhoold village on a promise made to his childhood girl-friend, only to find out about her disapeparane the same summer. Follow the footsteps of the promise to find answers and closeure.
Dream Temple
A short narritve drama and 3D platformer.

Soar through aetherial spaces of a derelict roman-inspired celestial temple and pick out the cause of it's inhabitants fate
Dream Team Theater
A 4 player co-op FPS in a Wave Based, Hordes Mode arena.

Following four desperate citizens volunterring to take part in deadly action-survival game show in promise of riches beyond comprehension upon successfull surviva.
2D Projects:
RTAG rise
A Narrative semi-open world 2D rage platformer

Follow the tale of Tim and Milo, who seek to help a group of surviors find their way off a desolate Island full of secrets, hopes, betrayals and narratives.
Forgotten and Damned
A top-down 2D survival horror game

Two brothers, one trip to a fathers funeral, and decades worth of regret, denial, sorrow and anger. A detour through a haunted forest and a realization they'll never get out until they confront their demons. Each one in their own way.
Strange Events in Albimore
A side view mystery adventure

An orphan, a child and a prospectful interritor of an old hotel in an even older town. A place of respit for various strange, unusual and at times uncanny characters. An old family business. But the hotel holds secrets. A prophesy. And you are smack in the middle of it all.
Birth of Reapers
A 2D co-op hack-and-slash pixel art game inspired by Crawl

Slash through the undead lurking beneath the village to the sound a Thrash Metal soundtrack. Cull the masses of undread creatures concentrating in the dungeons and catacombs, and defeat the Elder Bosses who scheme to guide those hordes to consume the surface.
An existential atmospheric 2D detective adventure

A freelane detective, on his last ropes in a world that thrown him to the gutters receives an order. A job. Break into a condemned factory of a rival corporation and recover industry secrets.
published games
Work in Progress Games
Child of Aether
Prototypes & Future Projects
Dream Temple
Weensy Space
Project Starsky
Alpha Cell
Strange Events in Albimore